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posted on: 04.26.04




UPDATE: Hey! An UPDATE! You saw it here last, folks - Dirk Crimson is as dead as dead can be. Were you surprised? I sincerely hope you were no awaiting more updates. That was a little foolish of you. But I thank you nonetheless for your dedication to my horrible sprite comic! If you're here, it must mean that you liked Dirk Crimson, and if you liked Dirk Crimson, maybe you'll like my new comic. Also, if you liked Dirk Crimson, you be wondering why I discontinued it. Well, times change and I decided that I no longer wanted to do a comic with no original art. Don't fret, though! There's still plenty of comics to be read right here in the Eight Bit Detective archives! Those comics won't be going anywhere! And there's new comics over at sighwhatever.com! Please, go and check them out! It will be great, trust me.


P.S.- As always, if you notice that the comics aren't being updated and you wanna give me a little jumpstart, you can always go over to my Livejournal and leave hateful comments, or sent me a harsh instant message (AIM:"theevilrabbit", Yahoo:"dirkcrimson"). Bye! Bye! See yah!